Alan Feirer is a licensed, FEE-FREE travel agent and Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.

This means he can help you find the best and most economical combination of lodging, dining, and ticket arrangements to meet your family’s unique needs, and you pay the same or less than if you had booked it yourself, because he gets paid by Disney, not by his travel clients. Seriously, there’s no gimmick here! Disney pays travel agents for this work because it cuts down on the number of calls they receive, and it helps people enjoy their experience more. Everyone wins.

Alan has worked with families on tight budgets, families with special needs, people who are staying on Disney property and off, and large groups and busloads. Give him a call or strike up a conversation about Disney, and you’ll soon discover why it’s a good idea to let him help.

His first trip to Disney was in 1981, but Alan’s obsession with Disney didn’t really begin until 1996.